planet pencils by planet positive

of the planet by the planet for the planet

planetable seed pencils made from recycled paper


The new eco-warrior has arrived. planet pencils are plantable seed pencils made from recycled paper. with almost no carbon footprint, dare we say carbon negative infact. made from all natural and recycled materials that are fully biodegradable. it does not contain wood, plastic, metal or toxic chemicals.

Why use wooden pencils, when you can use planet pencils instead? once used, plant them and grow your own organic farm. make a better environment for your family, your organization and the society we live in.

You can also brand them with your logo and show your comitment to the environment.

It’s time you gave back to your mother earth.


green revolution 2.0


six beautiful vegetable yielding seeding pencils


say no to wood and save the wonderful trees say no to deforestation


children are going to follow our footsteps, so make them count


one planet one home one chance

brand brand brand brand

brand them with your logo


recycled. biodegradable. plantable


save the planet
…one pencil at a time.

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eco-lovers can now download artworks and spread the world


For every 1000 pencils you get the “tree-hugger” certificate

for every 2500 pencils you get the “eco-warrior” certificate and an eco-award

for every 5000 pencils you get the “forest- guardian” certificate and a framed t-shirt

for every 10,000 pencils you get the “planet- protector” certificate, a framed t-shirt and an eco-award